Gateway Fitness Membership 12 Month Agreement - Paid Monthly via EFT or Credit Card

Gateway Fitness Membership  Month to Month Agreement - Paid Monthly via EFT or Credit Card

Other Fees: Initiation $99.00 / Processing Fee $20.00  /$25.00 Enhancement Fee Every August

We welcome qualified household add-ons to your Gateway Fitness membership.

A household is defined as two adults living in a household with their dependents, if any. The number of adults is limited to two, unless other adults in the household qualify as dependents and are claimed on either of the primary adults' tax return. Dependents include full-time college students, or elderly parents or disabled adult children. Your child must be under age 19 or, if a full-time student, under age 24. There is no age limit if your child is permanently and totally disabled.

*Initiation fees apply if you have not been a Gateway Fitness member in the last 90 days, Processing Fees apply if less than 90 days.

*Fees apply to all members including add-ons.