Personal Trainers

Gateway Fitness Kinesiology/NASM Certified Trainer ***Taylor Bell***

Taylor Bell

 NASM certified personal trainer


BIO: Retired ice hockey goalie, motivator and fitness advocate. Learned to ice skate at age 3 and never looked back.

My career path has taking me across the country and north of the border, where I fell in love with the Pacific Northwest and now proudly call Washington home.

I focus my training on a variety of exercises from different disciplines whether it’s Bodybuilding/Physique, Sports Specific training, TRX, or just wanting to get fit and healthy. While traveling in Australia, I trained clients who were developing their swimming skills, mountain climbing and hiking fitness. My training approach is effective because I gear the client’s fitness program specifically to what my client wants to achieve; weight loss, lean mass building, strength, ability to compete in fitness challenges, improved self- esteem, healthy nutrition, healthy lifestyle and most of all fit for life.