The Team

Gateway Fitness is very proud of and fortunate to possess the staff it has. From the warm and welcoming friendly front desk, the ever so patient and positive kids club to the highly energetic and motivating Group EX Instructors, Gateway Fitness definitely hits a homerun for its members!


Operations Manager, Tonya Barrientos

Weight Floor Equipment Coordinator, Roul "RC" Chwalek

Kids Club Coordinator, Rachel Doherty

Personal Trainer Coordinator, Carolyn Elliott

Fitness Tech, Nicholas Hauser

Customer Care Coordinator, Shannan Lunde




Front Desk Staff

  • Jace Anderson
  • Jared Anderson
  • Ashley Barrientos
  • Roul "RC" Chwalek
  • Riley Earl
  • Nicholas Hauser
  • Shannan Lunde
  • AnneMarie Southworth
  • Christien Southworth

Kids Club Staff

  • Rachel Doherty
  • Lauren Esteb
  • Mikayla Esteb
  • Emily Geringer
  • Alisha Smith
  • Julie Spadoni

Personal Trainers

  • Kim Axman
  • Laura Coray
  • Marlene Hansen
  • Anthony Jennings
  • Jim Kindred
  • Carolyn Elliott

Group EX Instructors:

  • Kim Axtman
  • Anna Bailey
  • Linda Cantus
  • Dani Fletcher
  • Kari Hamrick
  • Marlene Hansen
  • Anthony Jennings
  • Laura Jones
  • Jim Kindred
  • Stephanie Mason
  • Sharon Michael
  • Teresa Renner
  • Dave Rucci
  • Shane Schweitzer
  • Jeanie Stafford
  • Suzy Van Schaak
  • Ralph Vedros